Why Would Someone Plug the Hole in their Guitar?

When Jack told me that he bought a guitar plug, I had no idea what he was talking about. I was wondering if he was talking about a new cord to plug the guitar into the amp. No, he was talking about a plug to put in the hole of a guitar! I was confused, and I asked him why in the world someone would want to plug that hole! Isn’t the hole one of the important parts of making the guitar sound the way it does? He explained that a guitar plug helps to eliminate feedback. I think I will ask him for a demonstration the next time I go over to his house.

Made in America

I’m trying to buy Made in America products for Christmas presents this year. I am finding it to be a very difficult task. Many of the gifts that people want are electronic in nature, and most of those items are made overseas. When I Google “Made in USA” very few items actually show up that would be things that the people on my gift list would really like to have.

I’d like to shop local, but I don’t want to pick up every item on the shelf and turn it over to see where it was made. I figure that if I look online first for the product itself, then I can go to the local store to buy it. If you have any suggestions about where to find items that are Made in USA, please let me know, I’m interested!

Company is coming for Turkey Day

This afternoon we are expecting a lot of company. My wife’s side of the family is coming over for Thanksgiving. We are expecting about twenty two people to come over, everyone is supposed to bring some kind of food to share with everyone else. They are supposed to start arriving around 3pm today and leave around 8pm.

So my wife is running around the house trying to get the house “company ready.” I’m going to go outside and mow the lawn and hide in the garage as much as possible so she doesn’t ask me to do anything inside the house to help.

The Holiday Rush Is On

Well, it is finally here, the holiday season. Even before Halloween the retail stores seem to feel the need to drag out all of the holiday stuff. What a shame. What ever happened to getting through Thanksgiving first? Money hungry, that is my reason for their behavior. Worst part of it all is now I have to start thinking what I am going buy all of the gifts for all of the people that are on my Christmas list this year. I plan on doing the majority of my holiday shopping online and keep very, very far away from the Mall and Walt-Mart as possible.

Love To Buy Products Made in the USA

I was thinking about buying some westone earphones for Roddy, but was reluctant to spend the money until I learned more about them. So I went online to find out what I could about them. To be honest, I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was surprised at the cost – everything is so expensive lately it gives me pause before I agree to buy anything for anyone anymore! But I was pleased to find out that these earphones that Roddy is interested in are made in the USA, so I am more inclined to spend a little bit more just to help support American jobs!