Learning to play an instrument

When Leigh came home from school and told us that the band instructor was encouraging all of the band students to get mini piano keyboards to practice music lessons at home I was surprised. After all, Leigh was not trying to learn piano, or keyboard. Leigh was a percussionist – a drummer! That’s when Leigh explained that the band instructor wanted everyone to learn the keyboard, no matter what they chosen instrument, as an exercise in learning to read music. And, I was informed, that the piano is technically a percussion instrument! I didn’t realize that!

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She finally bought a car!

I was surprised when my sister Frannie told me that she finally broke down and bought a car. She has always depended on other people to give her rides, often asking folks if she could borrow their cars if they couldn’t drive her. She has a driver’s license, she just never wanted to own a car. She said one of the things that convinced her to go ahead and “take the plunge” was that she had found a quote on car insurance that was less expensive than she expected, so she decided to go ahead and finally buy one of her own. I was glad to hear she had done that – I suspect her friends and relatives were getting tired of trying to think of polite ways to turn down her frequent requests for assistance with transportation!

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What’s for Lunch?

Most days I like to eat an early lunch. Come 10:30 and I’m getting hungry, and its a nice jump on the crowds that hit all the fast food places at noon. So this morning I was thinking I would like something different from the usual burgers and chicken sandwiches. Just couldn’t figure out what I wanted.

Driving through fast food alley in town, I thought about getting KFC, but it is so expensive and messy to eat while in the car. Then I thought about Taco Bell. Again, tacos are too messy to eat in the car. I passed by Wendy and Burger King – no burgers today, thanks!

Ended up at the gas station, topping off the tank and noticing that they have a Subway sandwich shop inside the convenience store. That sounded good for a change. I ended up getting a great sub for less money than I would have spent at McDonald’s. I have to remember that this Subway shop is here and come back again soon.

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Funerals are best planned ahead

One of the saddest things that can happen in someone’s life is the sudden and unexpected loss of life of a loved one. The grief can be overwhelming to the point of disabling the mourners. That is why many people have the foresight to get a funeral checklist and plan ahead for their own funerals. Having been put in charge of a couple of family funerals myself, I can vouch for how difficult it can be to plan a funeral from the beginning while also trying to bring comfort to the surviving family members.

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With the start of school looming right around the corner the stores have been ready for the last minute rush of Back To School shoppers that are inevitable this time of the year. I’m so glad that we don’t have to deal with all of that nonsense anymore. Our kids have all been done with any type of school for many years now, but we do have other kids in the family that we have decided to jansport hiking backpacks for them to use instead of the cheap backpacks that their parents end up buying each year and more times than not they have to go back and buy another one before the end of the school year.

You get what you pay for, especially at Walmart, which is where most of this folks do the majority of their shopping at all year round. I got to tell you these jansport hiking backpacks are perfect to use for school, we know this from experience and have turned several people onto them throughout the years that have been happy with them as well. So for us to provide our kids in the family to use for school is just something that we have been doing for a while now and it has turned out quite well for everyone.

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