I love shopping online

Shopping online (free clip art)

Shopping online (free clip art)

When my wife told me that I should do more of my shopping online, I have to admit that I was more than a bit resistant to the idea. I am a small-town boy who is used to driving into town and getting everything that I need or want. But when Chuck closed up his motorcycle shop, I was forced to go online to look for motorcycle parts when I needed them. Now I have to admit that I am hooked, and will spend at least one hour a day online shopping around.

My wife gets very nervous when I go online, and I try to reassure her “I’m just window shopping” but she doesn’t believe me for a minute. I can’t say that I blame her, there seem to be packages arriving here at our house on a regular basis addressed to me! I think I may have to ask my buddy Brad if I can have my packages delivered to his place, to keep my wife from divorcing me!

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Too Quiet

Have you ever been in a room and noticed the silence? I mean, there are places where it is just too quiet. Where every little sound made is just amplified because there are no other sounds to mask it. A fly buzzing around would sound like helicopter blades whirling.

I stopped by my insurance agent’s office to pick up a proof of insurance card and it was silent as a tomb in that place. The only sound I hear was the buzzing in the overhead light fixture. I don’t know how those people working in that office can stand it being so quiet.

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Take your pick

When Jenna told me that she needed to buy a new snark tuner, I didn’t realize that there was such a variety to choose from! I went online to buy one for her as a surprise, and found that there are five excellent snark tuners to pick from at the website that I went to! Now I’m afraid that I’m going to have to ruin the surprise and ask her which one she was thinking that she needed to get!

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Motion sensitive night lights

A couple of weeks ago I ordered some motion sensitive night lights online. When they arrived I went ahead and put the batteries in them – they each take three AAA batteries. I placed them at various spots around the house, with the intention that if someone was walking through the darkened room the light might come on and then the black dog and the black cats might not get tripped over very often.

So far I have to say that they do seem to work – they only come on at night, and only when motion is detected. But the batteries do not last very long, and the lights do not illuminate the area as much as I had hoped. Fortunately they were very inexpensive; if I had paid a lot of money on them I would have been annoyed. For now they just seem like clever little oddities scattered around the house, and even act as conversation pieces from time to time! Since they don’t illuminate the area quite as much as I would like, I can’t decide whether to buy more of them, or to try to find something that sheds more light. I really like the fact that they are motion sensitive and light sensitive. Have you tried anything like that before?

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Where’s the meat on the meat lover’s pizza?

Over the past couple of months Pizza Hut has been running a special where you can get any size pizza, any type crust, any specialty, for only $10. Well, my family likes Pizza Hut Pizza a lot, and I had received a couple of Pizza Hut gift cards for Christmas, so I decided that I would go ahead and take advantage of their $10 special and order some of our favorite pizza – their large pan meat-lover’s pizza.  Well, I have to admit that the last two times that we did that, the meat lovers pizza did not have much meat on it at all. In the past, there was so much meat on the pizza that you could hardly see the cheese or the sauce! Now you can hardly see the meat. Very disappointing.

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