Looking for a pitch pipe

When I was looking at the guitarcenter.com website earlier today, I remembered that my friend Linda was telling me that she had started to take voice lessons. She wants to improve her singing voice, but she has no keyboard at home to help her with practicing her pitch. So I decided to look around online and see if I could find an inexpensive pitch pipe I could order and send to her. I was in luck and found one! I am looking forward to getting a phone call from her in a few days telling me that it arrived in the mail!

Bad puppy

My sister asked me to puppy sit her pug today while she ran some errands. She was expecting a repairman to come to her place to fix her kitchen sink and she didn’t want the puppy bothering the repairman. I said sure, bring the pup on over and set up the baby gates to keep the puppy in the kitchen, with my two dogs, thinking that they would play happily together. Well, that pug puppy decided he was not willing to stay in the kitchen and jumped over the baby gate! I have had dogs much larger than that pug for over thirty years and never once have any of them even thought about jumping over the baby gate!

I put the puppy back in the kitchen and told him to stay there. Within seconds, back over the gate again! At that point I just put him outside in the back yard to let him run around. The yard is fenced in and I was confident that since the fence is six feet tall that he would not be able to jump over that!

Breakfast for Dinner

Do you ever eat breakfast for dinner? I don’t very often, but I plan to eat it more often! I like breakfast, and rarely have time to eat one. And by that I mean the full-blown eggs and bacon and toast, not just a bowl of cereal. Or pancakes with syrup, or french toast. I really enjoy all of those. And with the economy getting worse, it seems like a good way to trim the cost of dinner! My wife and I have decided to eat breakfast for dinner a couple of times every month. Pinching pennies can taste good!

Pets can be really expensive

pets (free clip art)

pets (free clip art)

One of the things a lot of people don’t realize when they are thinking about getting a pet, is how expensive their vet bills can be! Every time we have to take our dog or cat to the vet for their vaccinations, the vet insists on taking blood tests, stool samples (and tests) and dole out expensive prescription pet medications for flea and tick control. Sometimes I think having a pet costs more money than having a kid!

A Perfectly Good Cell Phone, Down The Toilet

cell phone water (free clip art)

cell phone water (free clip art)

Funny how the title of this post basically tells it all. I dropped my cell phone into the toilet. What a dope! Of course I don’t have insurance on the darn thing. So it’s looks like I’m now in the market to find a new cell phone. I’m glad that Internet will make it a much easier task so that I won’t have to go running from store to store to find the right one for me. But it still will take some time to do a decent amount of research, I don’t want to get stuck with something that I will regret this time around. I seem to recall seeing some commercials recently about a cell phone that is water-proof! I think I will look into getting that one!