A Variety of Drums

When I was thinking about buying my young nephew starter drum set (this is a young kid, mind you) one of the ways that I tried to find what I was looking for was on the Internet, using Yahoo, Bing, and Google. I was a little bit overwhelmed with the variety of results that I got from that type of search. My brother suggested that I see if there was a variety of musicians friend drums to look at, and I went there, too. I still have not decided which set to buy, but there certainly seems to be a wide selection of drums to choose from through a variety of sources.

Lawn Repairs

Recently, we have had a great warm spell in the weather. This has made me want to venture outdoors and see what kinds of repairs are going to need to be done on my property. The winter has done quite a number on my shrubs and lawns.

We had a lot of snow this winter and the weight of the snow got really heavy on my shrubs and bushes. Some of the limbs broke and some got squished. I hope when I pull my snow deflectors off they will bounce back. However, the worst part of the property is from the lawns. My lawns got completely trashed from the snow plow. The first step will be to wait for the snow to finish melting and then I will have to start laying down the sods. I think this weekend I will venture out to the hardware store and check out some lawn seed. After evaluating my lawn I know this is going to be a necessity!

A Hard Lesson to Learn

Today, I heard from a friend of mine that their cousin was in trouble with the law once again. My friend uses me as a way to vent every time their cousin ends up in trouble. It really upsets them because they are pretty close to their cousin.

I am really amazed in general, how ignorant some people can be with regard to following the law. I personally do not think that it is difficult. However, for some it can be quite a challenge.  One of the main reasons I think that staying out of the limelight for these offenders is such a challenge is because they do not change their lifestyle. If an offender would be willing to recreate their entire lifestyle to include a new set of “healthier” friends than their recidivism rate would be less.

Why Would Someone Plug the Hole in their Guitar?

When Jack told me that he bought a guitar plug, I had no idea what he was talking about. I was wondering if he was talking about a new cord to plug the guitar into the amp. No, he was talking about a plug to put in the hole of a guitar! I was confused, and I asked him why in the world someone would want to plug that hole! Isn’t the hole one of the important parts of making the guitar sound the way it does? He explained that a guitar plug helps to eliminate feedback. I think I will ask him for a demonstration the next time I go over to his house.