Pets can be really expensive

pets (free clip art)

pets (free clip art)

One of the things a lot of people don’t realize when they are thinking about getting a pet, is how expensive their vet bills can be! Every time we have to take our dog or cat to the vet for their vaccinations, the vet insists on taking blood tests, stool samples (and tests) and dole out expensive prescription pet medications for flea and tick control. Sometimes I think having a pet costs more money than having a kid!

A Perfectly Good Cell Phone, Down The Toilet

cell phone water (free clip art)

cell phone water (free clip art)

Funny how the title of this post basically tells it all. I dropped my cell phone into the toilet. What a dope! Of course I don’t have insurance on the darn thing. So it’s looks like I’m now in the market to find a new cell phone. I’m glad that Internet will make it a much easier task so that I won’t have to go running from store to store to find the right one for me. But it still will take some time to do a decent amount of research, I don’t want to get stuck with something that I will regret this time around. I seem to recall seeing some commercials recently about a cell phone that is water-proof! I think I will look into getting that one!

Hamburger heaven

Hamburger (free clip art)

Hamburger (free clip art)

Last night I watched a TV show on the travel channel that made me so hungry that I actually had to go out to the kitchen afterwards and satisfy my craving. The travel channel featured hamburgers from all around the country. Each one of them had something special to offer the hamburger lover.

The hamburger that caught my attention was 40lb and had a bun to match! This burger was so big that it broke a world record. I was very happy to see that this delicious piece of heaven did not go to waste. The chefs served multiple pieces of it to the surrounding crowd at the hamburger’s premiere. I think I shall try to duplicate this burger this summer when I have a crowd over to visit. I think I will need a bigger grill.

Being Told ‘No’ – You Don’t Have A Case.

Being told you don't have a case?

Being told you don’t have a case?

When I was younger, I broke my arm – how I did it doesn’t matter, all we need to know is that I stood up and I categorically knew I had broken my arm. The first person I told was a Dinner Lady, she did what any dinner lady would have done and sent me to the office. It was at this point I was told to ‘put a wet paper towel’ on it and that I would be fine. That was at 10am. After a full day of school, my grandmother picked me up and luckily for me she has medical training and also categorically knew I had broken my arm within seconds of looking – we went to the local hospital and lo’ and behold; I had broken my arm; then spent a full day at school, walking around cradling my wrist.

Maybe it wasn’t the secretary’s fault – maybe she didn’t have the adequate first-aid training she should have done.

However, a wide number of my friends have similar stories where a vast majority of people in authority have dismissed their injuries as not as serious as they actually are. One friend for example, shattered his ankle. Shattered, not fractured or simply broke – he shattered it. But he went to the hospital and no one was available to see the boy with a ‘bruised ankle’ so he was sent home and told to come back tomorrow when more staff were available. Eventually his adrenalin wore off and the full extent to his pain kicked in; the staff in that hospital were responsible for forcing him to live with the pain for eight, ten, twelve hours until they could find someone to see him during the next working day.  Is that fair?

So many children are being told to go away and they’ll be fine and sadly this reaction to other people being hurt is creeping into our adult working lives. Because someone is not showing as much pain as we would be in if we were in their situation, it simply cannot be true; they can’t have broken their leg if they’re not screaming in pain, writhing on the floor.

I will admit, I am a part of this problem. A friend of a friend fell over in the street the other day, and after a while she decided she had broken her hip and asked me to call her an ambulance. I called the ambulance, but I doubted she had broken her hip because she was so calm and collected – needless to say, she had.

If you are in a situation where yourself or someone you love has been hurt, or suffered an injury, and you believe they aren’t being treated fairly get a second opinion from the folk at SOS Claims and they’ll be able to analyse your situation and the people dealing with it and make sure you get what you deserve. You are worth the second opinion, so just ask!


MandMs (free clip art)

MandMs (free clip art)

Can you believe that M&M’s have been around since 1941? They were first introduced to American G.I.’s in WWII. That must have been quite a treat for these soldiers. I would have been ecstatic to receive some chocolate. Anything has got to be better than M. R. E. s.

Another interesting bit of information is that the green “female” M&M only became part of the M&M family in 1997. Her debut caused quite a ruckus when they showered her in a commercial only wearing a bathrobe. As if an M&M would actually be able to shower. That’s television for you.