Need a long runner for the foyer

Ever since we moved into this house, my wife has been telling me that she wants to get a runner for the foyer. Locally we have looked around for runners, and none of the local stores have anything we like in a size that we need. The foyer is actually quite long – about twelve feet long! One of the things we have to be concerned about is whether or not the runner will damage the laminate floor underneath, and we also need to concern ourselves with whether or not it will be able to withstand the heavy traffic of the pets in the house.

My aunt just told me that she had purchased a new rug online, and she was very happy with her purchase. So I’ve started to poke around a little bit and found a very colorful rug that I like a lot at Runners – it is an abstract design and it looks like it will be able to withstand the pets. Now I just need to find out if it will harm the laminate floor or not.

Foldable guitar goes where you go!

Have you ever heard of, or seen a foldable guitar? I didn’t think that anyone made such an instrument, but today I discovered that there is a company (that has been on the TV Show “Shark Tank” a few times) that makes a guitar that folds in half and fits into a backpack! I found a YouTube video that shows how it folds, and the backpack that it goes into. The man doing the video is careful to explain that after you unfold the guitar that you will need to spend some time tuning it, but he was quite impressed with the guitar! I think that is pretty clever, don’t you?

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mothers Day (free clip art)

Happy Mothers Day (free clip art)

I hope that you are on good terms with your Mother, and that she is still “with us” in this life. If you are, and she is, I hope you get the chance to tell her how much she means to you. There may come a time when she is not around anymore to talk with, or to hug. Treasure these moments you have with her – even if it means just sitting quietly beside her while she talks!

Camera bags

Guest post by Allie Tinwood

When I purchased my digital camera a few years ago, it did not come with any kind of case, or bag. I have been keeping it in a wooden storage case in my living room, but when I am getting ready to go out somewhere and want to bring the camera with me, I am always scrambling for something to carry it in. A lot of times I just have thrown it in my purse, but then it is difficult to find – it seems to find a way to shift around and settle to the bottom, and get covered up with things. Recently a container of hand sanitizer that I kept in my purse sprung a leak and it got everything in my purse very slimy and wet.

If I had my camera in my purse when that happened, I think I would have totally freaked out! When my son Jason asked me if he could borrow my camera for a week when he was planning to go visit a friend in California, he asked me if there was a case or bag to keep it in. I was embarrassed to admit that I had nothing. He encouraged me to check out these bags for cameras at AvidMax Outfitters and see if there was something there that I might want to order for my camera. They have a really good selection of camera bags, but I haven’t made up my mind which one. I think I should ask Jason what kind of bag he would prefer, since he is the one that will be taking the camera for the week!

The Chocolate Easter Bunny

Easter (free clip art)

Easter (free clip art)

When I was young, I did not like the taste of most chocolate candies. I’m pretty sure that is because my parents kept giving me the chocolates that they didn’t like – the bitter stuff. When I would get chocolate candy, say for Halloween, Christmas, or Easter, I would not eat it – remembering it to be bitter. I did not realize that some chocolates were sweet! So I missed out on the joy of eating the chocolate candies! I can remember, as a child, getting chocolate Easter Bunnies, and not even tasting them. I was an animal lover, and appreciated how cute the chocolates were! I did not want to ruin the beautiful cuteness of the bunny, and was mortified when other people would bite off the ears! I felt bad for the poor, mutilated, bunny!